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What is C2EA and what do we do?
The Campaign to End AIDS (C2EA) is a diverse, exciting coalition of people living with HIV & AIDS, their advocates and their loved ones. Together, we're demanding that our leaders exert the political will to stop the epidemic, in the U.S. and abroad, once and for all.

Activist Toolkit

Explore the resources and tools below from C2EA and other great organizations around the country (and don’t forget to click through to their sites to see what else they have to offer)! Get help to start a new C2EA chapter in your area, plan an action, take advantage of traditional or social media, and more!

~ C2EA Community Advocacy Training Kit ~
Especially useful if you’re planning recruitment meetings for a C2EA affiliate group, or are new to the coalition!
C2EA Platform
Media Skills & Strategies
Organizing Local Events
Grassroots Fundraising
In-Reach: Mobilizing Our Organizations
Building Bridges

~ Useful C2EA Files~
C2EA Logo (white background)
C2EA One-Page Info Sheet
Outreach Sign-In Sheets
Summit/Institute Planning Checklist
Sample Summit/Institute Agenda
Sample Summit/Institute Budget
Photo/Video Release

~ C2EA Poster Images ~
Stomp AIDS (English)
Stomp AIDS (Spanish)
Campaign to End AIDS (English)
Campaign to End AIDS (Spanish)

~ “i am c2ea” Poster Images ~
my hiv status does not diminish me
mi estado de hiv no me disminuge

i will never bow to ignorance and intolerance
nunca me inclino a la ignorancia o intolerancia

i have hiv. i am human. i have rights.
tengo el vih. soy humano. tengo derechos.

i am living with hiv and i am not alone.
estoy viviendo con el vih y no estoy solo.

i am not hiv positive and love someone who is.
yo no soy vih positiva y ama a alguien que es.

~ The Ruckus Society – Action Toolbox Manuals ~
Scouting Manual for Activists
Action Planning Manual
(including The Functions of Direct Action, Action Development, The Action Planning Manual, & The Symbolic Nature of Direct Action)
Media Manual
(including Media Manual, How the Media Works [Or Doesn’t], Wire Services, Newspapers, Radio, Television, & Checklist for Effective Direct Action Media)

~ Center for Media Justice – Toolbox ~
Messaging, Framing and Strategy
Media Planning and Presswork
Media How-Tos
(including Press Releases and Pitching, Storytelling, Building Strong Relationships, Challenging Bias, Framing and Messaging, Interviewing, & Media Planning)

~ Center for Story-Based Strategy – Tools and Worksheets ~
Story-Based Strategy Model: Grassroots Organizing Meets Narrative Power
Point of Intervention Worksheet
Influence Map Worksheet
Battle of the Story Worksheet

~ Advocates for Youth – Working with the Media ~
Dos and Don’ts When Working With The Media
Pitching a Story to a Reporter
Preparing a Press Event
Responding to Opposition/Criticism
~ The following include tips & samples ~
Writing a Letter to the Editor
Writing an Op-Ed
Writing a Press Advisory
Writing a Press Release