Aids Vote 2014

AIDSVote Toolkit

Without pressure from people living with HIV & AIDS and their supporters, elected officials will never take the steps necessary to end AIDS. To help you apply this pressure in in your community, across the state, across the country, or around the world, tools from AIDSVote and partner organizations empower you with many valuable activist, advocacy, and organizing tips.

The AIDSVote toolkit resources on this page will include how-to guides for meeting with candidates, sending out AIDSVote questionnaires, mounting voter registration drives, as well as downloadable graphics and posters and more.

AIDSVote 2014 Candidate Questionairre

Candidate Questionairres 101

“Bird-Dogging” 101

Candidate Meetings 101

During the 2012 United States Conference on AIDS in Las Vegas, participants were asked to share what their vote can and will mean in the upcoming elections – local, state, and national elections. Some shared how their vote can impact policy change. Some shared on how their vote influences friends, loved ones, and community members to go to the polls. Others shared how their vote will support their choice to win office. All agreed that their vote – their one vote – makes a difference on many, many levels. It is true… Your vote Can save a life! Click here to view and download the photos.

For additional information please contact C2EA at or 1877.END.AIDS (363.2437).